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teenaged confessions of an auteurpreneur-about-town.

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My name is Keely and I live in New York City. I am a teenager and an actor and a writer and I run the interview website Good Prattle. I guess you could call me an auteurpreneur-about-town. My life is at turns infuriatingly dull and infuriatingly fast-paced. Drop me a line anytime you like. I love meeting new people. But don't try anything funny: I have a level 42 Bulbasaur that can kick your ass. Nice to meet you.
I love [title of show]. Harry Potter. In Plain Sight. Psych. Pokémon. ONTD. TVTropes. Olly Alexander (theoretically). Jesse Eisenberg. Deborah Harry. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Taylor Momsen. Miranda July. Olivia Thirlby. Anton Yelchin. Alnwick. Barcelona. Bay Area. Cadaques. London. Newcastle. NYC. Paris. Russia.
I listen Blondie. Elvis Costello. Emmy the Great. Laura Marling. The Monkees. Showtunes.
I read Special Topics in Calamity Physics. The Unbearable Lightness of Being. The Wild Party. The Great Gatsby. Max Barry. Agatha Christie. Billy Collins. Jasper Fforde. Dorothy Parker. Donna Tartt.
I run At The Mango Stand. Good Prattle.
I credit layout. profile. mood theme.